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Self Regenerative Intimacy

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Intimacy and OurSelves

Intimacy isn’t an “out there” or “in here” experience. It is a now “experience” with the totality of your own awareness.

The light of your consciousness, the movement of your aligned presence “seeing what IS available” and the completeness of the sight arising within the field of the unknown is all part of you.

What you can perceive arises from the very heart of yourSelf. Pure and without definition as your knowingness knows this Isness.

When in the spaciousness, beyond the witness of what is and including the witness of what is, intimacy reigns. All is known and is in perfect relationship with itself, as itself.

All one "does", is observe and receive. Intimacy is regenerative and without “doing” if not surrendering to what it observed within the light of awareness fully becoming and being aware of itself.

Imagine every quark known and every arising from the mystery itself already known before arising within our own field of conscious awareness...vast and safe.

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