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Courtney has been an avid learner in astrology, applying her gifts to everyone she can.  She’s read hundreds of charts since she’s started.  She really opened herself to study astrology from an esoteric astrologer while living in Romania.  From there she looked at studying many ways at reading the same chart but through a different gaze, promoting a wealth of different information, each and every time she looked at the same chart. 


She has learned evolutionary astrology, medical astrology, karmic astrology, relational astrology using synastry and composites but is fascinated about each person’s personal divine journey.  This has lead her to uniquely read the stars, the divine blueprint, and speak to stars in a symbiotic relationship that allow her to hear how they dance in and through each unique being.  She is a storyteller of sorts, of your story, spoken through simplicity and potent awareness of the cosmic dynamics, synergy and how they desire you to see and know them from within. 

She has a gift she would like to share, to help each person see that maybe, some of the things that were thought to be challenging in one’s life, are really gifts and how those gifts are expressed through your being. 

Sometimes we need to know that we are not alone.  She has consistently found that by expressing the energies of the chart, the relationship between the client and the information is more easily assimilated, lived, understood and also heals some of the misperceptions of the previously interpreted energies often creating a deeper understanding of self and greater self-compassion for one’s own journey.

She desires you to see your uniqueness, your greatness, acceptance of what maybe before seemed difficult to accept, to shift into a greater version with the knowledge of your choice, to be seen, heard and allowed to shine like the stars themselves.  To be celebrated.  And she loves to celebrate with you, enjoying the journey with you, in remembering who you are and your unique signature.

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