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It’s All in Service to the Divine.

Integrated Soul, located in Wilmette, Illinois helps to remind us of our essential truth of whom we are in a deeply felt, experiential way.  Here we intend deep energetic transformation and re-alignment with our whole selves utilizing transformative integrated energetic modalities, spiritual life coaching sessions, and workshops. These are intended to bring us back into our bodies, with an almost magical sense of freedom from old burdens/blockages, a reorientation to a clearer sense of whom we know ourselves to be and are, plus a deep sense of “yes!” alignment with the life in us; body, mind, and spirit in harmony with itSelf. 

Energetic imbalances impact every area of our lives and can rob us of peace from our daily work, loved ones and yourself.  The imbalances generate distortions that at some point will be calling attention through discomfort, suffering, disharmony, conflict and dis-ease in the body/mind.  Balancing, restoring and harmonizing our energies, meridians, and bodies we can return to wholiness (whole and holy) as we already are before our attention was placed upon co-creating with the distortions. 


When we shift, the whole world shifts within us and we are aware in the outer world, that we are no longer the same.  We notice we do not react in the same ways and notice more spaciousness where response-ability is more easily accessed to create more of what we do want with wisdom to know the consequences of short-cuts.


Remembering that we come from the Supernatural, our divine true nature which shifts paradigms and positively impacts all with whom we encounter, becomes more easily known by ourselves and the joy of self-awareness also brings us more of the same.




Courtney is a spiritual lover who is focused on each person in a whole and integrated way. By looking at not only the physical aspects of the human being but the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects as well, she provides each person with more information and more possibilities to choose to step into alignment with their highest version of themselves.

At 7 years old, she had an awakening with Jesus when was aware she asked him to enter into her heart.  Church became her temple and she would spend as much time there, in Worship, and prayer as possible.  In traveling the world, she has opened her heart to understand that there are no boundaries in God’s Divine Love; that there are only perspectives relative to what we have lived, learned, inherited, and integrated as personal Truth.  Some of those perspectives serve for a short period of time and some of those perspectives can limit our expansion, creating a feeling of “littleness” in which can be interpreted by the body/mind, as confining, isolating, and imprisoning within the knowing of a greater collective unity that simultaneous lives within each One of us.

Her journeys have led her to learn, apply and integrate as one wholistic process, many energetic modalities of re-integration and re-membering.  She started her own practice by sharing these gifts. Simultaneously, she has come to understand the inherent collective mental trap in the idea that we are in any way “broken” or “need to be fixed”, if not, just reminded of our essential truth in Perfect Divine Wholeness.  This reframing of perspective of “broken and perfectly whole and holy”, combined as One, allowing Love to wash over all ideas of our inherent imperfection, while anchoring the Truth of our essence, is what her passion is.  The return home, together.  The possibility of redemption from a place that was always already redeemed; the homecoming.


Courtney works with clients and students in small groups and one-on-one settings both in-person, Skype or Zoom calls. She creates a safe and engaging environment in which the intention is that each person be seen for the perfection they are. With more than 20 years of conscious practices, she integrates various techniques that she has acquired through her university studies, certifications, avid reading and international life studies and is firmly dedicated to personal transformation, consciousness and evolution that she believes will also make an impact on a global scale starting with the individual, unique person.  Also, a facilitator of woman’s groups for the deepening of the Divine Feminine and Self-empowerment, she focuses on self-healing and reuniting of our True Divine Essence in and as Oneness.


Experience and Expertise

  • 2004-2005 Reiki Master of Traditional Usui, Violet Flame, Silver Violet Flame, Lavender Flame of Quan Yin, Kauruna Ki, Shamballa Healing, Seichim, Imara  (Many reiki teachers and masters)

  • 2005 Quantum Healing, Crystal Therapy, Sound Therapy

  • 2006 Theta healing (Vianna Stibal)

  • 2006 Matrix Energetics (Richard Bartlett)

  • 2007 Certified Angelic Card Reader (Doreen Virtue)

  • 2008 Astrological Classes (Buenos Aires, Argentina; Bucharest, Romania)

  • 2012 Certified International Yoga Instructor (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  • 2013 Certified Life Coach (UBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  • 2015 Medical Intuitive (Caroline Myss) 

  • 2016 Certified NLP (Kain Ramsey)

  • 2016 Certified Akashic Records (Linda Howe)

  • 2019 Minister, Universal Life Church

  • 2020 Magnetic Mind- Rapid Recode (Chris Duncan)

  • 2021 Somatic Embodiment

  • 2021 Prenatal Trauma and Birth Psychology (Course through APPPAH)

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