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Courtney has studied integrative yoga and tantra, with an emphasis in Hatha Yoga in Buenos Aires, Argentina for 6 years.  While living within the Integrative school (MISA) in 3 of their ashrams, she spent most of her time practicing yoga, giving classes of yoga and private sessions, pranayama and meditation, taking classes like Shivaism, creating and giving workshops plus facilitating classes for the awakening of divine consciousness in women.

Over her total 8 years living abroad, she traveled to many yoga conferences throughout Argentina, Romania and Denmark and was certified through the International Yoga Federation; her yoga program thesis was on astral travel.  Since returning to the USA, she has a deep desire to help others achieve the body/mind/spirit union also through yoga and the states of being that accompany their constant practice.


She has years of experience giving group classes and personalized individual sessions. Group classes are over Zoom and provide enough feedback to perfect your posture while dropping in more deeply. 

Depending on the current need of each person, the personalized session is starting with where we are and going from there.  There is perfect harmony between holding a bit of tension while relaxing into ease and we desire to be in this perfection within each posture, within each breath, within each moment.

These classes are meant to challenge you just enough and to combine the knowledge of how to bring in Earth and Sky (Cosmic) Energy into your body to help create the home environment you desire to live in; your body.  You will remember how to run your energies, revitalize your organs, play within structure and form plus find an enormous potential becoming actualized…and watch how that impacts everything in your life.

How distracted are you? 

Bring your focus back into your body.  How about now?  Bring your focus back into your body. And now?  Bring it back.  Our consistent efforts rewrite our patterning and create a new neural network of allies that reinforce the life we are currently creating, now.  Yoga helps to bring the mind into harmony with the whole such as focus within the body helps to bring the mind into harmony with the whole.  The use of our balance, our focus and our desire to “be” in a posture (asana) helps to orient, purify and refine the energies of the body, mind and allow a greater contact with your Spirit.

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