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Integrated Soul, located in Edmonds, Wa helps to remind us of the essential truth of whom we are in a deeply felt, and experiential way.  Here we intend deep energetic transformation and re-alignment with our whole selves utilizing transformative integrated energetic modalities, spiritual life coaching sessions, astrology, yoga, and workshops. These are intended to bring us back into our bodies, with an almost magical sense of freedom from old burdens/blockages, a reorientation to a clearer sense of whom we knew ourselves to be,  plus a deep sense of “yes!” alignment with the life within us; The purpose of Integrated Soul is to bring body, mind, and spirit into harmony with itSelf. 

Why This May Be For You


Going Through Some Transition?

Feeling out of sorts or stuck, starting a new chapter, in transition in their lives.  Common areas may include reconnecting with your sense of self, changes in relationships, deepening spiritual connection, creating goals and life visions, and starting anew after a significant life event.

Going on a Personal Self Actualization Adventure?

Generally, for people who are content in life and maybe want to learn more tools or skills to help them be embodied in life more fully.  Maybe they describe themselves as avid learners, spiritual seekers, possibly just read a book or attended a workshop in some area of personal development, and want more.

Creating a Positive Impact

People who want to make a positive impact in their own lives, communities or world at large.  Existing or aspiring entrepreneurs, creatives, innovators and soulful seekers.

We are Surrendering …

  • Ideas of who we think we are and opening to clearer felt experience of truth

  • Stop living by other’s rules; should’s and have to’s

  • Releasing overthinking, overwhelm, brain-fog, ideas of control and decision-making exhaustion

  • Surrender self-limiting beliefs, negative holding patterns, poor habits.

  • Let go of the energetic drain of carrying all of these burdens with you.

  • Stop future tripping, over-planning, procrastinating or wasting time and waiting for the perfect moment to start living

  • Numbness to life and living on auto-pilot, auto-destructive habits of letting go versus stepping up, fading dreams, or missing out on what make you come alive.

Creating the Possibility of…

  • Self-Awareness as the essence of who you are

  • A solid foundation of unshakable self-knowing that illuminates your path, your life and inspires others

  • An integrated sense of values and coherent personal application

  • Decisions aligned with your personal sense of values creating deeper self-confidence and Integrity

  • Deeper emotional intimacy in your personal relationships

  • Live your life, understanding the impermanence of it all

  • Greater clarity in who you are, what you want in life, and what you want to bring to the world

  • Personal transformation, shedding one form and embracing your next greater version of yourself

  • Inner peace, stillness, contentment, spiritual connection and alignment

  • A clear vision and compass for your life that has clear goals, habits and intentions to take you there

  • Sharing your unique you in an impactful way, with others

What is the format like within a session?

Each person is unique and distinct and equally true is that in each season we traverse, we encounter different aspects of ourselves that may not always be in harmony with what we hope to embody and be.  Based on what is arising within you as your current need, our orientation will focus on creating a program that feels right for your current season, bringing clarity and results to discover and align with the newest version of yourself.

Each month we revisit prior objectives, adding new elements to the previous while continuing to build a complete system that works with and for you.


Preliminary Session

A scheduled initial 60-minute conversation where we assess your needs, identify any goals and establish an intentional foundation for our co-creative process together.


---  Recommended three month commitment ---


3 Month Commitment Package

For Those Who Want to Shift Something; Relationship, Relationship to Yourself, Career

  • Initial discovery session 60-90 minutes

  • Alternating weeks: 60-minute and 30-minute check-in sessions

  • Laser Check-In 4 times per month: 15-minutes

  • Email correspondence

  • Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp correspondence for questions



Specific Coaching for Process Resolution

For Those Who Desire Insight into a Current Theme, Look at Unseen Factors and Resolution.

Get laser pointed resolution as we look at what is arising and go right into what is behind the scenes potentially

sabotaging your outcome.  Intended as a stand alone session.

  • Initial session 60-90 Minutes

  • Check-In as needed to unravel more of what may arise



Specific Method or Study for Personal Growth

For those who want to learn about something like the chakra system, breathing, meditation and have a customized system set up for your personal well-being

Spiritual Relationship Coaching (Individual and Couple)

It all begins with our relationship with ourselves.  From this embodiment, we relate with the world, our personalized world.  From our unique perspective that has been formed through living our lives, experiencing the world, and empowering our beliefs about it, we, ourselves generate our unique self.

Each one of us has a unique framework and has been sculpted by life in various ways.  How we approach life is full of a myriad of possibilities.  Here is where reconciliation, renunciation, and reunion with the idea of ourselves is important.  It’s possible that different moments, some weighing more than others and having a feeling of heaviness or gravity, have created a sort of “stop” or “hold” in your system.  A place where within your natural flow, one tiny piece of may have fragmented into a small flow from the rest.  It is possible that this small flow may go undetected and even normalized into your personality where the symptoms start to appear as emotional and physical dis-ease.  Your relationship to your body, your emotions, “others” and every other aspect of your life starts to feel some sense of heaviness.

This heaviness is one form of communication that you are trying to give to yourself so that you can stop, care enough to listen, take action and continue on renewed.  Sometimes we have reached a place of not listening for so long, we forget our own unique tune and get lost in the world’s music, attuning our individual self to the collective sound while perpetuating the feeling of isolation that no one understands us, sees us, hears us or cares about us that is resounding within the collective shadow.

I am here to help you develop a different relationship with yourself and hold the power of your unique light in the shadow of your accumulated belief of who you think you are and what you think you are here for.  Empowering your own self to see, hear, feel and hold with grace and ease, and and all of the disowned fragments that have created your world up until now.  And then you change it, together, and watch all the stories fall, the gravity lighten, the world grow warmer, your intimacy with yourself, love for what is happening now and your partner growing closer.  Like this the world IS light, again.

Together we can, because I trust and have deep faith in your capability to see Truth and to listen to It’s call for your life over what you have believed of the world up until now.

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