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Courtney is dedicated in resolving trauma and nurturing greater development through her healing collaboration.  The depth and dedication of the approach and synergy is unsurpassed in my experience.  Holding the space totally and yet with lightness, she is able to facilitate a thorough and incisive shift through the hidden layers of human conditioning which family constellations can bring to light.   


Her creative synergy of different and complementary qualities; deep experience of constellations and astrological insight brings this modality to a new level of interaction and efficiency.  I am utterly grateful for her healing intervention and inspiration in guiding me through very complicated and difficult terrain with a light heart and imbued with grace and wonder.   Such work is difficult to describe out of the holographic place where it resides, but she is truly committed to bringing about a total and complete transformation in anyone she is working with, and it is done with remarkable tenderness and skill. 


-Judith Way

Forgiven, Courtney Bossarte, is a Divine channel with remarkably skillful use of so many good tools and beautiful wisdom. The quality with which she communicates and assists those in her care is remarkable. I have repeatedly had experiences with her that have seemed like she is communicating psychic insights specially for me.


Her presence is kind and humble yet direct and to the point. For someone, as myself, who is willing to do the work to be done to upgrade from the inside, she has shown a light where few have the depth to go. I am so very deeply grateful to have the guidance, council and connection with such a beautiful being as is she. I would recommend here to anyone who is blessed with such an opportunity.

- David Greiner

You can’t leave the field of love” has been a game-changer in dissolving my inner critic, and indeed dissolving my separate self, and allowing an order of magnitude more vibrational aligned with the divine feminine.


It’s given me a visceral understanding of the sameness of the field of Awareness Rupert Spira talks about (that is a little easier for me to relate to) and the field of Love and Spirit Energy that many women seem to more naturally understand and “live within.” It’s simultaneously given me freedom in the moment to be at peace AND a sense of being able to connect more effortlessly to what I perceive to a woman’s understanding of Love and Spiritual Energy - which I’ve not been able to access in a way that felt real and connected.


Somehow this has given me power and comfort in being able to relate more effortlessly to - and in a way the feels way more vibrationally aligned with -  feminine energy... which has been a deep longing since birth.  Thank you...


I am utterly changed by my engagement with Forgiven as my soul’s advocate and companion guide. I feel supported in ways I never have before. My experience with Forgiven as she explained my natal star chart was life impacting to say the least. The information in itself was important to me, but what was the most transformational was to be in the hands of a listening, awake, sated soul who was in her element and awareness of gifting, wearing a garment of fitted passion - alive in the bringing of her gift to the world, and to me. I will never regret inviting her insight and soul-touch into my life.

I have come to see Forgiven as a master seer and guide who is vested in her client’s coming fully alive, living as their truest selves in this world, so that their gifts can be seen, accessed and brought to bear as we seek to bring about a more beautiful and healed world. My palette for understanding myself went up exponentially as she read my natal star chart. I felt like she put her hands into my heart and soul and read me like braille. I felt known, celebrated, and empowered. I am still unpacking the gift of her reading; it is like time released medicine that continues to nourish and heal me. She treats me grace and dignity and holds my most soul’s intimate unfurling with beautiful discretion. She offers insights that are helpful to consider without taking from me my agency to decide what to do with the information she has gifted to me.

As a part of what Forgiven brings to her engagement with clients is a deep honoring of one’s essence and soul, a wise tenderness and understanding of what it has taken the person to get to this place in life, and to this encounter. For me, she was able to see patterns, traits, even preferences that make sense to me and my life and gave me reasons why I am the way I am. I feel so validated by the Sacred Universe because of her gifting. In my life, her spirituality is not rivaled, and her integrity to honor the divine in all things - most notably in others - is beautiful and transformational. She has always been available to me when I have initiated contact with further questions and she takes time to offer her wisdom and explanations. The spark in her eye, voice and soul is evident when she engages me, and I fill with hope and an energy that feels balanced in the world. Forgiven has become one of my truest and honored soul friends. Her wisdom and winsome engagement have changed my life, and the fragrance of her heart lingers long after our encounters.

- Derek Tendersong Washington, musician, author, relationship coach, End of Love doula

I'm not sure words can capture the gratitude I have for Courtney and the divine gifts she offers into this world.  She is truly an inspired light being and light worker.  I have had the experience of receiving multiple sessions from Courtney.  For anyone who has also had this privilege, you know what a treat this is.  Courtney has such a capacity for channeling Source and Spirit, and she is able to describe and talk about things in ways that go directly into your heart and soul.  It's as if she can see through people and situations to the deeper and more subtle energies we can't see ourselves.  She is the perfect mix of playful and intense.   My sessions resulted in major shifts, openings, and clarity.  I felt lighter, empowered, more joyful, and more youthful.  I was able to gain new perspective and I always felt validated and listened to without judgement.  I am able to hold stronger boundaries and more self-love as a result of my work with Courtney.  Since getting to know her well personally, I have consistently found her to be full of deep personal integrity, higher love, and wisdom.  Connecting with her is like connecting with an Angel.  The well of her compassion is incredibly deep.  She is someone who walks the talk in every aspect of her life and continually pursues personal reflection, growth and evolution herself.   She is a visionary, healer, transformer and change agent, bringing higher consciousness to everyone and everything she interacts with.

- Diana Jyoti

Forgiven has a passion for supporting others toward deeper and more meaningful relationships with themselves and others. She radiates a vitality of spirit that inspires one to discover their own integrity and truth. She actively listens with a non-judgmental and compassionate presence while at times asking the tough questions which serve to open one to reveal the core conflicts and bring awareness of their own inner resources and strengths. She cultivates a safe container where vulnerability can be courageously expressed to allow a person to find greater acceptance of themselves. The joy, curiosity and vibrant energy that Forgiven brings to working with others is contagious!

- Nathan Feurborn

A close dear friend of mine suggested I contact Courtney to have my chart read.  My friend sang her praises, and after I too had a chart reading with Courtney, I can see why.  Courtney has a special, gentle, healing ability to pull things out of my chart in a way to helped to connect me to me on a deeper level and to help remind me of my true self.  In this world, there are so many things that pull me from me on a daily basis.  Having this reading with Courtney, and being able to hear the reading again to really download and integrate the information (I can now feel why she calls her business Integrated Soul), has begun to shift my choices to be more true to myself.  After the reading, I read through her website to learn about her other services. 


I have been having these reoccurring dreams, and although she does not do 'dreamwork' per se, I had a feeling that if I were to meet with her for one of her health coaching sessions, that she would be able to help me with making sense of some deeper things that my soul has been calling for me to gain some insight and understandings of.  I was right.  Courtney spent so much time unpacking the thoughts I had shared with her and was able to use my chart to also offer insights and reflections specific to my being in this world. 


I recommend really for anyone who is wanting to connect more deeply with their true self, and explore a deeper connection with their creator and self, to please contact Courtney.  She will meet you right where you are at with grace and love, and a peaceful realism that is so helpful to hear and download.  That will then help you to begin to create the shifts you desire in your life.  Your own soul's calling.  

- Holly Newman, Spa Owner,

Unlike anyone I've ever worked with, Courtney is connected to Soul and has an unwavering framing of this human experience in terms of love...She listens not merely to understand but from a commitment to wisdom and Soul emergence

She is a pioneer in her use of the templates of astrology presenting my unique constellation and pathways such that love might integrate the misunderstood and painful aspects of myself.


-Micah Mifune

I'd like to share an amazing experience I've had very recently during the Somatic Embodiment Session with lovely Courtney Bossarte @ Integrated Soul. I highly recommend Courtney and this type of healing to anyone on the path of self-discovery.

Even though the 3hr session was done via Zoom, the energy exchange was very strong. Energy doesn't have boundaries and intimacy can be achieved even over thousands of miles. That's said, having a compassionate and highly intuitive facilitator like


Courtney, made it even more possible as I felt very safe in her hands and I was able to open up fully. I was able to totally surrender and dive really deep. I went back as far as being a fetus in my mother's womb facing the fear of coming out to this world. Courtney gave me a lot of time and patience, guided me, and assisted me while I was literally rewiring my system, transmuting this deeply rooted erroneous imprint that I must have been carrying all this time.


And during this powerful session, I was born again. I literally re-experienced my own birth. As I witnessed this precious innocent little baby being born my heart flooded with so much love for her, looking at her, she was simply a perfection. In that very special moment, I realized that I am perfect too, just as I am because I am here and all the fear, the baggage, the stories that I carry and keep telling myself are not real, not really mine at all. As well as this rebirth, at the beginning of the session, my intention was to find some direction, feel clarity about where I'm going. Courtney was fully equipped to help me navigate through the wiggly terrain of my being, gently hold the space for me while I found my way to the light. At the end of the session, I felt very different, I came to the realization that I have an innate navigation system, I felt strong, high on life, and totally free, like an eagle at the top of the mountain ready to take flight. I embodied a feeling of total confidence, having trust in myself, a feeling of being very comfortable with where I am and where I'm going. I tapped into the inner knowing just how powerful I am.

A lot of deeply buried old stagnant energy was released during this session. And that was just a start! I've had a second session with Courtney's assistance soon after and this was just as beautiful and powerful as the first.

Thank you so much beautiful soul xx

-Denisa UK

Without searching for healing and while not intending to address my personal emotional pain, Courtney provided me with a deeply insightful understanding of what drives my personality.  I’m not versed in the lexicon of spirituality or of astrology or really anything beyond my life lessons as a builder and as a parent. I’m good at meeting my needs as I know them, I’m not good at meeting my needs that I’m unaware of.


I’m fortunate to have Courtney as an ally. She is intuitive, seriously dedicated to healing, and deeply compassionate. Any time spent with Courtney is a gift to anyone looking to develop an intense self-awareness.


Make time for excellence!

-Dave Fasoldt

Courtney made me feel immediately comfortable. Her warm sincere smile eased my nervousness within seconds of our meeting. I felt safe being vulnerable in my session with her because of her caring voice and words.


I've never had somatic embodiment therapy before, but would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone. I was surprised at how, with Courtney's loving guidance, I was able to explore my body with my mind. After my session, I felt energized and at peace. The tools I learned in my session have already been useful and I'm seeing hope in areas of my life that needed more light.


Courtney is truly a beautiful soul and I'm thankful for her wisdom and her healing guidance.


-Melanie Burch


Where do I start?

I have no words how to describe my 2nd Soulmatic Embodiment Session with Courtney and, this simply has to be experienced, but here is just a snippet of my deep dive.

The session was led by Bonno Ray and Courtney Bossarte and was about 3 hours long, via Zoom.

I was able to connect with my inner child, reprogram traumas that I went through in my childhood and I was able to connect with my ancestral lines both on my mother's and father's side. A lot of deep energy work was done as I was guided mapping and scanning my nervous system. Ancestral traumas and inherited hindering energy passed on to me from my parents and their parents were cleared and given back to them, while loving, honoring, and respecting my bloodline and all the generations before me.

Apart from all this at one point, I had a wonderful experience of my true self. Again, this is impossible to describe. I reached and embodied fully visual and sensory moments of myself, floating in my own light. There was no flesh, no bones, no tissue, no organs, there was no mind, I just simply was. Previously to this session during my meditations I many times achieved what I thought was 'being as ONE' state but this was very different, this time I witnessed myself on a totally different level. It was so beautiful I wish everyone could experience this feeling, this knowing.

I'm really grateful to Bonno @ and Courtney for creating a safe and intimate space for me to be able to make this huge step towards my integration as a whole being.

Thank you so much!

Love and Light

- Denisa UK

You may be seeking ways to liberate and bring the trauma of your past into the horizon of your heart and if you are, I truly recommend Forgiven’s expertise. 


Through accessing and acknowledging my personal trauma while being compassionately mirrored and witnessed, Forgiven has been a loving ally in accountability while helping to re-weave new life patterns.


Forgiven reigns in tangible grounding tools paired with astrological wisdom, to help one walk one foot at a time on this healing journey. I am beyond grateful to be discovering my inner compass and the divine blueprint of life with Forgiven!

- Tifa 

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