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No-thing outside of Love

Consider with me, please...

Darkness is a friend.

It is not just symbolic to what is momentarily hidden from us, but it also allows the fresh discovery of what wasn’t, to what is.

A difference between darkness and the idea of "evil" is that one already thinks they know evil.

And thus are not truly open to what “evil” is hiding as its secrets.

"Evil" cannot be from a separate source and being in love does not exclude "evil" because of "evil" choices.

"Evil" cannot exist outside of love although it thinks it does and thus has different rules like it's own kingdom.

Proverbial “Evil” is us hiding from ourSelves thinking we are not hiding.

There are no secrets to the ONE who sees and knows. And to the One who Loves, ALL is available to be known. To the One who fears, All is hidden.

Denial of Self is the greatest tool “evil” has. Look what Self-doubt creates…Look inside first for the "evil" that is out there.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of heaven and all the rest shall be given unto you has deep symbolic meaning for when we come from love, we only see what is true which organically separates what is not true.

Looking through love, those who identify as hateful or any term we might consider as "evil" may have a flavor or a texture, yet Love has no confusion, nor in denial of its wholeness or anything within and as Self, known and beyond.

It is also not casting "evil out" which would confirm that something is outside of love.

Love is not in Denial. Denial is in Love.

Free will is given to choose however one wishes. Selfishly or selflessly. Love loves equally.

The experience of the experiencer in love or out of love will be different. The choices available will be different.

Thus, evil it cannot hurt love, it has no power over love. It can only hurt those who do not know love as the Truth, as the Power.

This is why love needs no protection. Love knows itself perfect and of itSelf.

Love is the greatest power.

It knows itself as All including that which denies All and loves All equally.

Love is a master teacher; it is consistent, unwavering, unchanging, knows the you completely inside and out, and regardless of circumstances, is what It Is. It is in harmony and balance with it's Nature. It is perfect Divine law. Always, Eternally, as within, so without. As above, so below. Love Is.

No-thing is outside of Love.

We cannot escape this truth, although many continue to try...Yet we will come to know that Love conquers All whether this lifetime in a body or another, there is no escape from our


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