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You matter to Love

When you know God as the Source of all life, you welcome opportunities to test love.

You see that life offers limitless possibilities to choose again.

That isn't because of you, that is because of love.

Love is present regardless of you being present, or not.

That is grace.

Your worth is not determined by how many times you had to choose again, but when learned, the value of those lessons.

And that is not because the worth wasn't already present, but because you were not there to value the absence of it.

Only when you saw the value, it became so.

To know value is through contrast of devaluation.

To know your value and worth in God, one must also know the absence of God and the impact of that to your experience of being.

To know what feeds you, and what doesn't, and to value what deeply nourishes you, creates a potent and deeply rich life.

Thus, our value and worth in Love, is and always was undefinable.

Love loves you regardless of the you that loves. What value could something hold that is so unconditional and freely given to all?

Choose again, choose again! Deeper, wider, vaster!

Love is as available to you as you are to it.

That makes it a choice to value what true love offers; to withhold into the conditional or surrender into the unconditional.

The dance gives Love depth. The YOU present gives it value.

You matter to love.

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