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You live in harmony and alignment with your Self.

You live in harmony and alignment with your Self.

No other knows you as you do yet meeting beyond in the "field" as Rumi would make known, the essence of the whole is know to All within and as our Self.

We can know each other from here and thus the whole kingdom of earth (body, mind, emotions and their true creator in Spirit). We can attune our senses to the subtle worlds in Spirit and be known.

So take time to slowly attune your nervous systems to the vastness that arises to integrate within that subtle unfolding mystery between you both.

There is no where to go, rush and "get", "obtain" or "consume" but this current now moment, full of promise and pregnant with potential creation awaiting to be actualized in the same breath.

We know what happens when we reach the end of our capacity to be with ourselves while in relationship with another; loss.

And although this too is an invitation into the depth of integrity and coherence of Spirit, the unraveling and unwinding, integration of what was into what is, yet now again two becoming one from a different space of sadness and grief, returning home into Self with more to surrender to within.

So please love yourself and the other well within that merging so that completion can be know as Two becoming One. Become the Alpha and Omega.

There is no other.

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