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Yes and No are equally important

To say no is a containment. It contains the sanctity of your yes. It allows your yes to rest within the firmness of the transparent walls of no.

Yes and no organically dance to create paths and edges, rivers and shorelines, atmosphere and space, skin and organs, fruit and pulp.

And inorganically dance as fences and property lines, streets and curbs, rooms and walls.

All divinely created and all with a purpose.

Yes and no can be like binary coding of 0 and 1 that make up the matrix. It can be like nothing and something. Or space and form; dark and light. It can be like feminine and masculine that charge the energetic polarities.

Yet however you look at it, you cannot devalue their importance to each other.

For one is because of the other.

The more we understand this mystery in union within ourselves, the more this union forms the way of the world.

When we are this mystery, the impulse to separate ourselves from the whole is no longer tempting us; we know there is no other to separate from.

Thus the power of our containment and freedom of the contents are a mystical experience in which we dance, discover and delight in.

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