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Walking each other Home

We met. Two of us standing as strangers leaving as lovers. Our eyes meet and I know. You can see me. My body tenses and I breathe deeply...relax. She comes closer, holding her gaze and stops in front of me. I turn towards her. Connection. Both of us silent. Surrendered. Allowing. Unfolding layers of intimate pain, hidden. Please see me, I cannot carry this by myself...longing, fear, allowing, seeing, listening, deepening.... The gaze stronger, longer, deeper. See me, touch me, let me belong We stayed for what could be hours in loves safe sight. She reaches for me as she asks permission to bring me in closer, to hug me. I melt in this kindred embrace. 4 months without touch. I start crying tears of gratitude. Oh the body that longs but the soul more deeply.

Embraced She speaks God to my heart. I feel seen by myself in another's arms. Opening, touched, she moves backwards as we intimately lock eyes again. My soul in receptive silence I listen to the movement of the energies within the body as they listen to the words of my beloved speaking me back into attunement. Oh God how we need each other, my deep sentiments exteriorily expressed as I surrendered ever more to the intimacy of the present moment. See me, all of me. And she stayed gazing. The fear of her rejecting my humanity surfaced as I breathed calm back into the irrational thought. Longing to feel loved in my darkness, who could meet me here if I myself stumble? I briefly doubted myself yet surrendered in every moment, courageously saying yes, I trust you to see me whole. I breathed into new life as I continued to witness the unfolding of myself, walking through the depth of perceived darkness...naked in front of her longing eyes to see me whole also. Breathing, connecting, trusting, observing, feeling, witnessing...silence. My longing to be played as her lovingly chosen words felt every note in disharmony and spoke them back into attunement. Our hearts connected. Deep compassion arose. Our voices spoke love, spirit, knowing of life and the purity of our longing to BE together, naked unto one another, nothing we could not see nor nothing we could not love in one a other, we merged. We embrace, we caress as cherished soul sisters and we remember together the innocence in spirit through our divine mirror of each other holding the most pristine embodied and sensual love for our souls. Making love is whole and holy, sensual experiences of deepening within the heart. We love each other whole. We love each other home. Committed to see the truth of who we are, we belong to each other. My self in as another. Stranger made lover. And I love her. Morgan.

I may never see her again yet am complete in our love. Present to the gifts of our spirit, no attachment.

Our purity and innocence is made for this. This is deep soul bearing intimacy, all in, allowing it all to be seen, naked and witnessing your inner landscape with all the attention in the world, because it is the world.

This is the New Earth. Our fractals are uniting. We are merging with ourselves. Seeing more deeply innocence, goodness; the sacred heart.

All intimately known and longing to be held again in sensual unison of the divine mothers love; the immaculate heart

We are walking each other home, one soul at a time.

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