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Vulnerability is a Superpower!

The crux at the heart of the pain is the conflict between the idea of what being strong is and protecting the one who is vulnerable. To show up with our hearts soft and open while holding ourselves simultaneously in a container of ownership and allowance of our own expression. Trust unfolding and sacred softness to our own personal field of deep care extending its tenderness to another.

Embodying our sacredness as an individual with all the longings to be in eternal wholeness is the heart of our journey as human. And to vulnerably express our longings for that which communicates that heart of union and desire to be fully received within our individual expression of that same desire.

I am here, this is where I am, this is what I’m experiencing, this is what I’ve observed, felt, sensed, interpreted. This is what I need, what I want, where I’m going…come with me. I need you, I want you, I desire you….come and be with me. Free will to express, free will to interpret, free will to choose, free will to experience all of yourself.

In this space of soft yielding to life’s transparent expression, there is no desire to withhold itself. The beauty within the power of our deep fabric of life’s sacredness is being fully open and willing to vulnerably be seen and heard. There is no power waiting to be given back because it is simultaneously held by the courageous expression of ones own vulnerable desire.

Union is this personal experience within us where we can open so fully to every part of ourselves and hold ourselves with all the tenderness to feel, power to explore, softness to receive, spaciousness to listen and courage to express our own unique song within this collective mystery constantly unfolding in this eternal now.

Deep intimacy with yourself becomes your joy and from that wellspring of eternal abundance, the misplaced trust in the outer is reclaimed as the knowing from within, that all you experience has been a choice, and now you choose to show up and hold yourself in your experiences. Vulnerability becomes your strength because there is no more value in creating “an other” to hold all those pieces for you so you listen, you feel, you understand and are now with yourself so fully and completely that the experience of life is what is true. And there is no one that can know that for you, ever.

The idea of fear then becomes the call for the beacon of your love, your courage to show up to hold yourself with the tenderness of your care to say “yes, you are worth all my attention and nothing you do or say will keep my love from you.” And thus the integration happens, wholeness and heaven restored in the body, on earth. Peace, equanimity, agape, trust in the mystery and inner joy on earth as it is in heaven.

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