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Trust Yourself

Its hard to trust the person you are when you are still attached to the person you were.

This is one key to forgiveness.

You can do the work in dissecting all of the facets where you are connected to the person, the impact to the person, to yourself, the impact to yourself and repay the vibrational debt by experiencing the hurt.

For some, this feels like momentary hell.

Or you can surrender your pride of being right and having to hold any part of that image up, to maintain under any circumstance, of any direction of time, to this holy instant.

Grace repays the debt.

You can work at understanding or you can let go of understanding.

You can build up all the images and feel into each one as an interconnected weaving of the tapestry of story you’ve created or you can let go of the story and simply own that you did it and become available to be surprised by whatever comes after that to relate with also.

Trust is built and trust is destroyed.

Yet you are not.


The impact to the whole lessens when you see that eventually you die with nothing; the clothes on your back, the money in your bank account, the stories you’ve lived, the striving to achieve.

If your heart is not in order, the quality of your life is determined by your own pride and the attachment to your own judge who holds guilt over innocence.

Trusting the One requires laying down your arms, including the incredible muscle that has been trained to analyze and scrutinize, obliterate with reason and make whole sense with partial information called, your mind.

This leap of faith may be the scariest bridge you ever cross for you cannot see it until you do the very thing you fear, trust yourself.

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