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Transfiguration as Alchemical Mastery

Death is present in every moment disguised as choice to serve One or Two masters. In this, all are tempted to forgo knowing the inner holy grail of immortality.

It's difficult to see the temptation when the conditioning is so ingrained to follow impulses that are so like our own thoughts we would not even question their authority. Yet when we do, we would see that they would befriend us one day and betray us another, gaining our trust (in the frequency of the impulse) and then use that against us in another moment. Thus is the way of this world.

Until we can separate wheat from chaff and discern what would alchemize the base metal to gold. Following base metal keeps our frequency in base with base experiences and comfort in base. To move from base one must align with a force greater than the base to transform, sublimate and transform it into another frequency, another metal.

The outcome of surrendering to a greater power or applying a greater force can determine how we experience our inner kingdom reflected and known in the outer.

This is the inner alchemist.

This is the inner scientist.

And observing the results (contrast of "before and after") and adjusting (realigning) is what makes Mastery. It takes great love to give back to the world something better than it received. And that Power is a divine one that would transform the coldest and most isolated aspect and return to it, its Self.

The holy grail is waiting for us all.

And as we become more purified by our own alchemization of our own baser instincts into divine orientation, Transfiguration becomes our gift.

To see the world as God sees the world.

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