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Transactional Love

Energy exchange is a felt phenomenon.

We can look simply at transactional agreements as energetic exchanges.

Overly simplified perspective:

If you always pay someone else’s bills, and they don’t pay, what does that create for you or potentially the other?

We often are (subconsciously) programmed to look for the return on investment (ROI), and also with that, tend to be attached to a time where that will be returned to us; now or a future time.

What is that return? Who benefits?

If this were a love agreement, with no agenda, paying someone else’s bills would look the same but feel different. Why? Because it comes from a different source. A more complete source that models us the same grace and generosity.

What is our ROI here? Who benefits?

When we are in transactional agreements we are waiting for those ROI’s. We feel the tension between what was given and what is being received and tend to experience that tension and label it as a deficit or lack. We are attached to the outcome and also the person who “owes” us.

That means that in a transaction, one must give and the other must take.

Subject and object orientation.

As love, this object is given freely. The "taking" having already been received by us (our sincere gratitude for the gift) from Source to then be given.

The circuit is already complete before giving again.

Then the other is simply repeating the same receiving from Source to themselves and then out again to another. It’s a complete circle of giving/receiving.

First we must see this in ourselves to be part of that self-regenerative circle.

From the outside they appear the same, but from the inside they are two completely different inner experiences.

How do you give?

Is there any confusion in you about either, meaning if you are showing up transactionally calling it love or calling it love when it is a transaction?

Only you know. The world benefits by your clarity.

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