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This is what being overwhelmed by love looks like

This is loves expression; raw, potent, unbridled and expansive without object. Gratitude feeding infinite gratitude with(in) (as) self.

When we can move beyond form identity (self limiting definitions) and communicate as our pure essence, we are met in wholeness as wholeness and as the living word, available to be known like a flame ignites another but does not lose its own light.

What is gifted through that light is your own gift, assimilated as your own light, for it is your essence, and awakening secret portals within your own being, all from the original pure source yet known through your own separate and sacred filter.

All as the One. One as all.

We are purified by that which loves us whole and which is whole so as to be known as whole.

This is a moment expressed after a different video going into specific details about the experience of surrender within the microcosm of one to be in and as the One with/in the experience.

When we move outside of form identity (you see my tears, but am I sad?) and tune into what is behind the form and get curious (we relax into curiosity and open ourselves to experience what is not known yet) we find a whole other world of communication happening within. As fire stokes another's, we can be transmitters of divine frequencies that awaken within the microcosm of another, that which lay dormant and rekindle that which was into that which is.

The only sacrifice is that of distrust in the benevolence of the present moment, aversion to seeing yourself whole, and desire to fully feel all the true goodness that is offered. Love is present, will you receive what is freely given?

*an excerpt of another video uploading soon*

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