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The subtle energies of I AM

I am fascinated with subtle energies and energetic relationships at play.

It is the surgeon as myself that will dissect until there is no-thing. It is the scientist that will hypothesize until its known.

It is the alchemist that transforms until its transfigured. It is the magician that shows the unknown making something out of nothing. It is the technician that knows the sum of its parts and how they all work together to form the whole. It is the warrior who cuts away what is not true to reveal what is. It is the rebel trailblazer who goes their own path to discover the path is the destination. It is the poet who crafts the language of the heart within the heart. It is the artist that will create a new reality within the old. It is the child curious to know its parents and their creation. It is the musician that sings the soul into manifest and listens to the harmony of the Self. It is the inventor reaching to better what it was given.

I am fascinated and delighted by the richness of life. And to share the richness that is the inner life in the outer.

And by doing so, help to alleviate suffering.

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