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Stop choosing to hide from your Self.

You deeply desire with the whole of your being to be seen, to be known with all of your heart, and all of who you are.

You want to be known, explored, enjoyed, delighted in, connected to, seen, felt, experienced, journeyed…all of it accepted, honored, revered, cherished, adored....

Yet you fear the intensity of how available that love is to you and those who would also be so available to give you exactly what you want.

And you fear what you must give up for you to have that.

....Your power to conceal yourself....

You must become transparent and open. Your thoughts, read, your energy seen. As a child.

You must face ALL within you that keeps you from what would bring you exactly what you want and face your lies, your distortions, and your deepest desires that you believe would embarrass the purity you run from when confronted and know the lies that keep you from receiving that which awaits and has always been present.

Love is all seeing, all knowing and all accepting. What is outside of it?

You want it, but you’ve created a kingdom that keeps it out, to protect what, or who?

Creating secret societies within yourself that have affinities towards certain aspects that you dare not divulge for you believe purity and innocence cannot reside here; shame slowly bricking the walls of these rooms.

Yet you desire that purity, to freely shift directions without the weight of your dirtied lenses clouding your experience. And still yet, following the rabbit hole to the natural conclusion of your own making, and that the hidden allegiance to the ruler of your unjust kingdom would allow you to inhabit and take the credit for, while using you like a puppet for its own means.

You are the king of your world, it would let you believe all the while starving you of life force that would nourish you fully and trick you into consuming others because of the inner poverty that continues to expose the depths of hunger, traded for That which would consume you as

Holy Whole. All of you. As you are.

Secrets have no place in the light of love and awareness. All is seen and known.

When we give up the one who desires to hide from itself, we receive All.

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