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Staying with what arises

The best time to be with any emotion and uncomfortable sensation that arises is now.

Our ability to stay present to the sensations arising within, while also paying attention to outside, allows us to navigate within the world in a way where self abandonment was a thing of the past.

Tension arises. That is normal within our human experience. How we relate to our tension is key.

We can accumulate psychological stress by not looking at it in the moment, thinking that we have later to be able to "deal" with it.

Then life happens.

We get home, talk to the family, watch TV, get on our phone and call the grab a drink, anything but process what happened during the day within ourselves.

And even if we have a spouse or partner to look at it with us, often there is only so much emotional bandwidth available after a long day of mental exertion that it becomes about release of "what happened" and not about inner completion of "what happened".

Baggage accumulates and before we know it, our inner basement and attics are full.

Then we are left with very few options, the house is flooding.

Our capacity to process our daily accumulations are important to keep our houses from overflowing.

Stuffing things inside only comes out later in funky, distorted ways that could have been avoided through observation and prevention.

To be able to stay with ourselves through anything happening on the outer, starts to reaffirm to our inner child that they are safe with us.

When we pay attention to this "little one" inside we stop the patterns of Self-harm: neglect, abuse, manipulation, and abandonment.

We transcend the cycles of violence that we have inherited and tend to ourselves first by staying close to our bodily sensations arising.

We are so powerful to be able to sit in the eye of the tornado and be with anything that arises.

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