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Simplicity of Inclusion

It's okay to be right! It's okay to also let others be right too! It's okay to also let others be right at the same time as you!

It sounds so simple, yet how many wars are started by forgetting the simplicity of inclusion?

How many victim are made by not seeing themselves as another?

Seeing themselves as another is inclusive of feeling, knowing, listening, understanding, and experiencing.

When we start pointing in directions that start like a wave but soon lead us into the ocean and the mariana trench, we recognize that the tools and skills we have to surf the waves up top are not adequate for the needs of the ocean.

So we start investing in scuba gear and become more skillful, comfortable and curious in our safety, able to explore more vastly and deeper.

Then when we become aware that where we are in the ocean no longer supports scuba gear, we invest in submarines and learning to navigate well with that equipment that allows us to feel safer in the unknown depths of the mariana trenches...

To know ourselves as another is not an overnight miracle happening although with God ALL things are possible.

What is most likely is that we reach edges of known and probe. We experience complex sensations we don't know. We have situations that happen that we cannot quite wrap our head around.

To know who we are requires a visionary. A rebel. A mystic. One who follows no one and everyone. One who is willing to die for THE truth. The Paladin. The seeker. One who speaks the languages of the nations.

To the finder, the knower, the being, the one.

To know truth is to know God. To know love is to know God. To know our Self is to know God.

Which is why to know another as Self, is to know God.

My Self, Your Self, Our Self...The Self. God.

All faces, all attributes, all forms, all beings. All.

No body, No thing, No where, No time. Empty.

Another. An other. Other than?

Love. Now. Total Inclusivity.

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