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Simple Now Presence. Simple Mystery

There is something almost magical in the mystery.

That to notice then to become, that which was unnoticed before, is so ordinary and yet so extraordinary at the same time.

Simple Now Presence.

Missing. The moment you notice that there is the sensation of something missing from your experience, there is a chance to become what wasn’t, that now is, and experience that it always was.

What often seems to separate is an idea superimposed upon us like an onion layer. We are often so distracted within each moment, that the subtle layer of past conditioning could go unnoticed.

Yet when noticed, there is an opportunity present because you now are; an integration of the sensational experience of separation of an “outer” to the wholeness as the “inner”, becoming and became, as it Is.

The mystery is always revealing itself whole and holy. We can simply rest here.

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