Serving Two Masters

What occurs to me is that it is human law that inverts what is natural divine law and covets it as if it is coming from the divine.

And how it is happening is that it has created its own law, separate, with its own value system and own superior way of judging what the divine would not condition or judge as separate from Itself.

It creates and maintains conditions that until you drop the whole world that this judge enforces as real and also separate, you would be serving two masters.

So divine order is inclusive of the separate order. It allows and idea of separation to exist but is not fooled by the appearance of separate because it knows itself whole.

We too are separate while being whole within Source.

We are whole within the idea or dream of separation with a separate law and separate system of values.

The awakening includes discerning between systems of the Tyrannical Judge of this world whom we give our power or the Benevolent King of the greater world that includes and loves whole, including the tyrant.

These worlds also exist in ourselves.

Who is your King/Queen/Ruler?

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