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Rifting about separation through judgment.

Putting ourselves in another's shoes.

What is this?

Why is this important?

To sit in the equality of our humanity, no one is perfect.

What does that look like to hold the space for the perfectly imperfect to arise within as we meet it in another without perpetuating judgment?

This is the whole point brought to this idea of separation and the value we give it.

To not see one's self in/as another. Creating a whole value system on "right action" as contrasted by outer conditions of projected personal morality/ethics.

Perpetuation of blame/shame.

Self accountability and seeing the choice to see the others "disowned actions" as also what is within brings equality back to the relationship.

We end the idea that someone is "better than" or "worth more/less" and unhealthy power dynamics that continue to cast ourselves out of our own kingdom with that kind of unchecked moral superiority.

We can see ourselves, and relate with the idea of dirty, without becoming dirty. By doing so, we clean us both.

Eventually, we stop seeing the need to have an opinion about anything that relates to the idea of separation. No more inner drama and desire to create villains in our world. We see ourselves everywhere and relate from the arising of love within.

Life is outside of the interpretation of our experience yet inside the mind of the one who determines it to be heaven or hell.

When we get that there is a choice and no one else gets that power to choose for us, why create with those ideas? No more victim consciousness, no more denial about being powerful and no more desire to orient the divine spark into experiences that perpetuate more of the same.

The old way does not empower us but keeps us trapped in the mental loop of our own denial of ourselves and the stories we like to use to imprison ourselves.

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