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Self and Mastery

On some level, Mastery requires a large scope of understanding, not only of the subject at hand but also of the interconnected weavings of how the subject connects to the whole of the individual self.

Subject and object are and become known as a process (journey) and integrated as the individual.

The more bodies that become/ are integrated, the more self awareness.

Parts become known whole and whole bodies become larger known bodies becoming larger known bodies, and so on.

The individual starts to become universal.

Imagine mastering spelling. To understand spelling, often one learns phonetics, the basic word, how it’s used in a sentence, the definition, and the exceptions. It organizes itself in a way that the person learning it, makes sense and meaning from all the parts.

In the process of mastery of spelling, one also learns about how one learns; how one best remembers, what time of the day works best, sleep patterns, food choices, impact on energy levels, and so on.

One starts to pay attention to a larger scope and sees that now it isn’t just spelling, but through the practice of mastery, one also starts to bring to awareness to the facets that interconnect with spelling that would not have been known had the drive to mastery not been present.

Each body of information, like diet or sleep, is another facet discovered that impacts and is interconnected with the original mastery of spelling.

It starts to play in the field of awareness and in a way “attunes” or “interacts with” facets of what is already known within the body of spelling and what becomes known as a result of this new facet interacting.

What we knew about spelling before is shifted by what is introduced, made known, discerned and integrated as whole of the known within spelling.

Spelling then, grows in scope.

When we can use this analogy for anything that we desire to know deeply, we can watch how that object of desire, opens us up more fully to explore other interconnected territories within our being that contribute to the whole of that desire.

If we see that the desire to know God/Source/Origin, we will see how in knowing God, we also come to know ourselves and all the interconnected ways that we are in the world, and yet not, simultaneously.

Self-Mastery, that desire to know beyond the shadow of unknown, is equally an evolutionary awakening of consciousness that by continued interaction with all the facets of the known, and unknown becoming known that were always known, we see how we become.

In becoming, we see that we also were known.

And in seeing and knowing, becoming aware of, we also notice the patterns of the fabric of reality. We start to observe how the Macrocosm and the Microcosm reflect the same.

In adding different bodies of awareness, we open more to contemplate upon where the fullness of God cannot be contained by merely human understanding the interaction with the whole of the universe and yet in simplicity, it can.

In desiring to know God, we become more universalized within a human form. In the world, but not of it.

And unless you’ve taken the journey to be a spelling master, you might not understand all the subtle nuances that had to be known to perfect the spelling. Yet in the mastery of the speller, it understands that the journey to get there could not be understood by someone who is not open to do the work to be there.

The master is aware of what had to be for the mastery to happen.

And can also see that without all of those reflection points of awareness, what was could not be what is. And that the whole journey took them to be where they are and as they are.

And there is no way they could have understood what they do if they had skipped any part of their journey. It was all necessary.

They also realize that they could not comprehend what they now know, with a previous version of themselves. They see the value of the journey and what was gained for themselves, the treasure of self-awareness, through the eyes of others.

They see themselves and the previous versions of themselves in others and where they are on their path to self-mastery of spelling. They have compassion for the person however they also know the value of doing the work to be where they are for they know that the only way to become the master is to pay attention to themselves, trust themselves, discern, commit, listen, and keep questioning the known, and moving into the unknown.

The master has no need. Their mastery is embodied and there is no authority outside of themselves that could contest what their personal journey has lead them to, within their own knowing.

Yes, growth and expansion will always be present as is the nature of consciousness, but they have inwardly arrived at the "no need" within the desire to be or attain.

They see the value of the journey and that who they are now could only have come about by their own efforts.

So they point the other versions of themselves as different levels of awareness appearing in different bodies, back to themselves.

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