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Sacred No.

Maybe you lead more with your Sacred No these days because of all the many, many times you have challenged yourself to lead with your innocently naïve yes.

Boundaries keep our holy temples clean.

Those who want into Your Kingdom on their terms and timing, are those same who don't know how to honor it.

If you let them in, you're not honoring it either.

Know your Kingdom and their boundaries. What are your Yes and No?

Defining value in the inside, keeps the outside from defining it for you. And how wonderful to know that your value is not based on human value but is already pure and without blemish?

Keeping our inner temple clean allows us to see outside of our Kingdom with more clarity.

Then as you travel from Kingdom to Kingdom, you know how to respect how each Kingdom chooses to operate with their Yes and No because you see and know the value of honoring your own.

As within, So without.

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