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Restoration within Relationship

Communication is fundamental in any relationship but because there are so many ways that we give and gain information as communicators, what also becomes vitally important is how we restore relationship after a conflict has arisen.

One splinter can turn into an infection if not seen, relieved and tended to, letting the natural process fill in the new space that once was wood, now made for something else.

If the splinter were a slight that you minimized within yourself by not tending to it or acknowledging its value as a teacher, how long would it take before it infected you, and then your relationship?

This video talks about the importance of communication but giving rise to the equal importance of putting your energy into repair so that restoration can happen.

This restoration forms a new relationship within each and the relationship as a whole, allowing the crucible of relationship become a divine container for self exploration.

More care in the repair, the closer the relationship potential can grow into deeper fulfillment for both.

Moving to a NEW-tral space, allows all possibility to exist, and a new foundation to be formed.

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