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Religion and Spirituality are One

Religion is akin to a fruit on the tree of life. Each fruit comes from the same tree, a different branch with the same source nourishing it. Each fruit also containing within it, a seed that, when given the right conditions, would produce the same tree and bear more fruits.

The fruits are religion, the tree is the soul and what animates the whole as the mystery, is spirit.

We need the fruits to nourish our soul and to bring us in touch with spirit. Ingesting the fruit we also ingest the potential to create from the same in which the tree itself was created.

Spirit is within each religion as a replicate-able reality.

Although each fruit is created perfectly unique and no two are alike albeit similar, they bear similar shapes, colors and flavors, no two are the same.

Each tree could also be described as a different religion with each fruit being a disciple, nourished from the tree of life. Each tree being nourished from the same life force, nourishing each tree (religion), nourishing each fruit. Each seed with the fruit, holding the key to its creator as we too pass along the seeds of wisdom to others.

In this way we are also a tree as religion, with each of our own fruits nourishing others with the seed of wisdom and bringing our own church of Self to each other to be nourished by the fruit of the Spirit who animates us.

In the same way, religion is personal. At its transcendence, it is Spirit nourishing us back into form, not religion. Religion is a means to remember the essence within the form; the seed within the fruit.

When we know spirit is the source of all form, the fruit, the tree and that which animates the all, we can see that no form could truly express in words, this Source.

Yet what animates the tree and the fruits is the same life. And the only way to know, is direct experience through all your senses and that which will lead you beyond them.

Religion is as natural as Spirituality. No need for aversion.

One points to the Spirit embodied while the other points to the body Transcended.

And all paths lead to the One as the pathless path.

Breath. Presence. Now; portals into All.

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