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Relationship lead by listening

I don't subscribe to the idea of a toxic partnership.

It takes away our power of choice in any given moment and perpetuates the idea of victimization.

Someone a victim, the other by default, the victimizer.

Either you see where you are not showing up for yourself and love yourself better by showing up better for yourself or you compromise your values.

Both are an opportunity for personal growth in wholeness. Both are teachers of wholeness.

To hold another accountable for your own failure to act will hold you accountable.

A relationship lead by listening is a relationship worth entering into for it will reflect where we are not.

And if this is seen as an opportunity to grow in greater Self love, the relationship will be lead in that way.

Those who cannot listen and thus love, will self select.

Relationships naturally governed by spiritual principles will guide the relationship spiritually, naturally.

The individuals do not guide the other in relationship directly. Indirectly by showing up for deepening in our own listening and following our own love, the relationship forms itself.

It aligns because of resonance. And deepens because of two people saying yes to their own innate values, which almost miraculously they may see that it isn't different from that of the other as they both choose to keep getting out of the way to listen better.

Growth together then is witnessed organically and what is arising by surrendering unto one's own self.

Those who are meant, will stay, grow and be more deeply nourished within this container.

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