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Relationship Health

Relationship navigation can be really difficult, especially the more individualistic we are.

We not only navigate what is conscious and we are aware of, but also what we are not aware of that impacts our choices.

It's often at the choice point and the effect of the choice, that we have material to reflect on to make "wiser" decisions in the future.

Yet if we are not asking the right questions to ourselves, we may mask the cause with modifying the behavior instead of shifting the core belief that is hiding the core wound.

Behavior modification in this case, would be a band-aide that covers the wound through mental layers to condition a new outcome. The underlying issue is still present and often comes up in another way, often more distorted than before.

We can choose again and again. Yet to see that the "theme" of our pain continues to be in each relationship is demonstrating a lack of awareness of the root cause.

And when at the foundation, the roots are sick, in time, the whole plant becomes sick.

If you are carrying a sick plant into another relationship, what do you think could happen to the relationship?

Who has the responsibility to look at their sick roots?

Do we care to look that we are sick?

Do we care to look at our past patterning and not do to others what other's sickness has done to us?

Can we see a bigger picture that requires us to actually become accountable to our sickness so we don't spread it to others?

It is easy to fall into the collective trap of victimhood, or complacency towards ones own personal responsibility on behalf of the whole of love.

We watch this patterning play out in all sorts of distorted ways that serve our personal and collective awakening.

Yet can we observe that by caring about what hurts within us and doing something to lean into our completion within the pain, will create and reinforce a healthy foundation that nourishes the depth of us.

If you aren't sure how to do that, or want some inspiration with how to, I created a free step-by-step guide in how to connect with yourself, your emotions, your ideas about another and bring them to resolution within you.

DM me for this free guide.

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