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Power in Archetypal Masculine and Feminine

On the level of archetypes in polarity form:

Power in the essential realm is through direct experience with the source of power. We know power from the experience of it in our body. Raw, potentiality...potent, accumulating, self-consuming with no orientation but here.

As an archetype of masc/fem (causal level and the purest essence of form):

Our power to create is perceived from our masculine embodiment. If you have "issues" with the masculine, you most likely have "issues" with your power and your procreative power, too. This goes for both men and women.

Yes, of course, you can be a woman with power. Consider that if you have issues with the masculine, you may be in the depolarized dark feminine story where you create chaos and destruction.

-What this may help to discern if this is true is to be honest with yourself when you ask yourself if you trust your inner masculine with all of your heart....or only part of it.

-If you do have a fallen king, a tyrant archetype, healing your own dark feminine archetype will neutralize the polarity.

-How: Seeing both versions of the tyrant (mas/fem) and embodying the frequencies as the same archetypal tyrannical force will keep them from competing with the idea that one is worse than the other. They are the same frequency with a different form of identity. "You both" then gain compassion for the fem/masc tyrant and can return to innocence where he always was waiting to take the throne next to you.

Creation is the masculine force, the destructive force is feminine. Both are needed to bring about a new world.

Both have dark sides to them that are currently very active in the world and a need for them to become neutralized within our inner kingdom.

Unity is about bringing polarities into harmony. What is disharmonious within you will project itself outside of you to be seen, owned and integrated back into you as a "higher octave" or polarized/neutralized experience of yourself.

Basically, it no longer creates (anything) that pulls your attention from the bigger picture of yourself, so you can rest in the opening, in the sublime sense that is present when two become one.

------------------------------------------------------------ What if:

Woman births light/man shadow/woman through her shadow/feminine who reflects back to her the light and shadow that she is as Creator. If she refuses her creations, what is she creating? If he refuses her shadow, what is he creating?

Is the hero's journey home then one of loving all of the shadows as him/herself?


In your inner kingdom, who is on the throne next to you?

Do you honor and respect them, trust them with your life?

If not, have the courage to go there and look at the pain of that separation so that you can have yourself back. All of you respecting all of you.

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Andy Anderson
Andy Anderson
01 nov. 2021

Thank You. I discovered your blog today. More later.

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