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Pendulation is Self-Revealation

Something we don’t seem to hear enough of is what happens when we move outside of our comfort zone and shift patterns. Often this is a process more than an act of grace where we shift instantaneously.

This in-between space that is created when shifting from one known form into another form, bringing balance to your being, can feel extremely sloppy and can also cause a lot of insecurities to arise.

When we understand that growth is a lifetime of a series of these seemingly “sloppy” moments moving from known to unknown, the unknown becoming known and then moving back into the unknown, we have a chance to bring more compassion to the hiatus, the luminal space between this known and unknown as we continue our sacred journey as integrating more aspects of our wholeness.

And to remember that it is not that we should know our shadow if we don’t see it. This “should” is of the past and has nothing but condemnation attached to what would be a loving transition from knowing how to be a certain way, to including another aspect of the way, into our beingness.

If condemnation and alienation for being an adult learner were acknowledged, and the one who judges were seen as the covert fear that would superiorly point the finger at the adult-child learning how to walk in a new way, we may find that there is so much more grace available for these transitions and the allowance for ourselves to grow with so much more ease.

When we love ourselves into wholeness, this path towards integration of the wholeness of self might look like many things to many people. It’s worth mentioning that many if not most will be walking towards some integration of polarity within this lifetime and it may not have as smooth of a transition as we might like.

It could trigger all sorts of insecurities about who we were that we now do not fully identify with, giving space for this new being to arise. With this, we may notice an increase of inner anger that is protecting us from feeling vulnerable again and those who we believe would exploit that feeling of vulnerability.

We may notice an increase in hypersensitivity to the old patterns that kept us blind to a bigger picture that we are now integrating, now aware of how those limitations were generating more suffering for us and potentially creating another story of “not me” about the previous version until we see that we are only harmonizing ourselves with the whole of ourselves which includes the “not me”.

This movement from one to including the other, allows a freedom of choice that wasn’t seen as available before. This is the beauty of integration. When we are able to move beyond the limitation of being a way, and include many ways as the way, the connection with more of who we are and the possibilities that this self-knowing provides, we observe that the mystery of who we think we are and who we are in reality, guides in love of the fullness of self and that this known and unknown self is a play to be appreciated, enjoyed and known as the path of Self-Revelation.

There is immense benefit to get used to being comfortably uncomfortable within the revelation of the mystery that has started with you and ends with You. For you have been the one who sees the need, the one who has opened to receive what was needed, and the one who watched the whole thing happen to yourself and giving the whole thing meaning. Mysterious, magical and revealing that which always was and will be.

And until we grow comforted in the call and response, we may forget the importance of this luminal space of transition between one and the other, the one now integrated into an-other which becomes the sum of its part. Whole and separate simultaneously.

We are all one and an-other, the sum and the part.

To allow each other to learn and integrate with loving understanding is extending ourselves to the part as the sum. We do not need to know, and its beautiful when we feel we do know. Yet the knowing is just another part in the sum. When we see that we are all on this path of summation, we are reveled ourselves everywhere.

How would you love yourself as the sum of all parts, each part as yourself too? This luminal space, the bridge between the part and the sum of all parts, the knower and the known, the two which by this field of love become one, all point home.

And all who would be home feel the presence of the divinity of Self, that which is the One when surrendered to by the one, the part of the sum, would know home as itself as would all who abide in the one as One.

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