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Peace is Presence

There is a war going on indeed. You see it outside of you, you feel it as the other, and yet it starts in the mind. Your mind. Maybe you've been able to observe it happening.

Conflict present. Always something to comment on, something to point out, something not okay, something to fix... The clinging, posturing about you being right, your perception being the correct one, your values being superior, right/wrong mentality, and the SUFFERING that these tendencies continue to deliver.

And then one day in the face of this battle, you notice you want peace. You are tired of running the program, fed up with the stories, and are just tired with the war.

Maybe then you make a prayer, plea, ask for deliverance, understanding, help, for grace…

And then it comes…and with your willingness to say YES, to take that chance, you have a chance to finally be at peace. And then to share that peace with everyone, everywhere.

No waiting for someone else to get it, to change, to come to the table. No waiting for someone else to say sorry to you so you can forgive them. No waiting for the other to wake up, see what they should be looking at. No more waiting.

We see our responsibility to show up in our lives and recognize the war of separation is the oldest battle that we have been fighting. The idea of our individual separateness and need to protect ourselves is something we collectively have been conditioned to believe and perpetuate.

When you are you and not me, you are a thing. When you are a thing, we need to protect that thing. The reality from this place, who we think we are, does not even exist. And just because we think it, does not mean it exists. And the power we give this distortion in which we fight for, this “I” that is not who we are, has created so many battles. Fights over property, ideas, bodies, values that sustain this original sin of separation from Source.

This sustained belief that our experience of separation is real and all the ways we defend it are the root cause of our suffering.

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