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O Wee One

Oh wee one.

You who longs to be held and to hold.

With the innocence of longing, that tender connection be the lighthouse and refuge, satiating savior to the burning desire of completion.

With arms outstretched to the beloved, who will hold this crying one but the one who’s soft heart knows this cry?

Behind the walls of infirmity is the one who resides in wholeness, untouched by the world. And also, untouched by itself.

To be left, alone, to suffer the completion of relationship without the relationship complete, is a reminder to the one who in relationship, was left alone, and that the cold placeholder of loneliness is relationship.

The grief of having, only to lose what one thought they had. The promise of a future that dreams are founded upon only to keep the dream alive by keeping the promise. Did we promise honestly?

The pure impulse to move towards, no mind, only sensation and being. Togetherness within the impulse of creation.

Yet meaning making generating limits. The analytical mind separating.

Oh wee one.

I cannot understand you within my limited reasoning, yet I can be with you and you can be with me. We can understand each other together in this embrace that only needs each other.

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