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Mystery Unfolding

Let it go Let it be Release yourself Then you’ll see. The simple way Our hearts feel Brings a joy We know is real. To surrender in The pathless way Allows the now To appear today.

How many times do we cry out for release from what we believe is true because we believe it? Not because we challenge if it is true, but because we don’t challenge the one who believes it is true.

Why? Because we believe the one who speaks it as if it’s true. The world’s voice in our head, unchallenged because we are not taught how to discern the partial world of man from the being within the wholeness of God.

Consider that there is a Source beyond the one who speaks to you in partial truth. How could truth be partial? What in partial truth brings us to wholeness unless we discover that it is not true as to allow something else “truer” to be revealed? In that moment of discovery, or seeing the repeated pattern of clarity of what is not true, can we choose to surrender the previous held belief and hold something larger.

When we understand that beliefs are changeable, and maybe are designed as such, we stop clinging to outdated convictions that serve to limit our capacity in love and instead turn towards expansion into the limitlessness of what Is, surrendering what isn’t as sacrifice to the whole.

This is the path of Revelation of the Self. Letting the fullness of ourselves be revealed as the Mystery unfolds.

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