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Modalities As A Way To Help One Integrate Past

What is the point of all of these different modalities?

We all have specific experiences in our lives that create and generate our idea of ourselves, of who we believe ourselves to be. Looking from the foundation of where we came from, we can get a better idea of what we came equipped to enter the bigger field of life with and maybe we start to reflect on where we did not receive nourishment in the ways we needed for aspects of our person to flourish. These fundamental familiar dynamics shape the initial way we form our sense of self and how we relate with our inheritance, in the world. And at some point, our human journey seems to lead us to recognize what we did not get that we needed from our parents, for the inner feeling of completion and will start a journey to obtain that.

There are many ways that we have come to the idea that there is something missing, lacking, not enough, creating and generating a looming sense of wrongness and something to be fixed. We are not alone in this perception. It seems that how our world has been created, perpetuates the idea that happiness is by driving ideas of having and doing versus honoring the being and settling into. And although we seem to move between these two polarities in our lives, it is important to reach the state of completion where we embody the reality that there is nowhere to go, nowhere to be and that everything that takes us away from being here now is ultimately taking us away from true happiness.

Now, the point of these modalities is to assist you in remembering this wholeness, your divine nature. When we talk about traumatic formations where our sense of Self is distorted and fragmented to form a smaller sense of self, we long for the feeling of wholeness. This longing generates movement towards something. And we can get trapped in all sorts of longing for things that in the short term, seem to satiate the craving for “okayness” and “complete” yet start to create bigger distortions in overall fabric of who you think you are. This might take us on a journey that feels so far from who we feel ourselves to be. It is this calling from the depths of your Self that desires your union.

We are asked to reclaim ourselves from the stories, distortions (lies), beliefs and familiar inheritance that we have been given and continued also creating with. We are asked to start bringing those fragmented pieces of self-identity back to our innate wholeness. The closer we are to ourSelves, the more complete we feel. The more complete we feel in ourSelves, the less we look to the world for some sense of self. We see the world just as lost, also finding itSelf and we start to forgive more deeply, getting that we have all inherited the world we live in and that we can choose a more loving way to relate with it.

There are many modalities that help us to integrate our perceptions of separate selves and it is important to listen to what feels right for you in any given moment. We are ever changing beings and a good modality might not touch upon every aspect needed for your Soul Integration forever. So be open to find what is complementary to your current process and find courage to change when it does not.

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