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Luminal Space on the razors edge

There is a luminal space between the idea of whole and part, that is like a razors edge. To lean to far to one side or the other may lose sight of “the both” of the part and the part as whole and thus fall prematurely into choice and action.

To stay present to the desire arising to inform a choice (impulse) to be made that would generate an action and thus put into place a series of events that will be “out of your control” yet part of your creation is to deeply listen and care about impact of your choices.

For what we choose to listen to, and thus act upon, is still within our realm of responsibility even if it includes others into what we impact through following our impulses into action.

Or the experiences others have that you have put into motion as a result of you specifically following your impulses.

And although others caught into this web of creation will be fully responsible for what impulses they are also following, it will not exonerate you from initiation of what you chose to act upon within you.

If we can sit on this razor’s edge and observe more before interacting in life, we might have a very different experience of the subtleties that surround us and the impact to every impulse we follow including to ourselves for following it.

Peace resides on this edge of listening.

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