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Love is not an Emotion

Because you cannot understand God, it also means you cannot understand God’s will. It also means you cannot understand God’s love, the love of God. But you can experience these things because God has given you a deeper, greater mind, the mind of Knowledge. You can speculate, you can theorize, you can establish elaborate systems of thought, elaborate mental constructions, but if you cannot experience the movement of Knowledge in your life, the wisdom of Knowledge in your life, which is giving you counsel all along—counsel which you cannot hear, counsel which you do not respond to because your attention is fixated on the surface, on your intellect and on your perception of the world. If you cannot feel this deeper movement, well, God is foreign to you. God is an idea which you can either accept or set aside.

God has placed an expression of God’s will and love within you, deep within you, deep beneath the intellect, a will and love you cannot control, you cannot dominate, you cannot use it to gain wealth, power or influence. You can only submit to it. You can only follow it and learn from it and carry out what it gives you to do to re-establish your life, to rebuild your mind, to rebuild your health, to refocus your life, to re-establish a greater set of priorities for yourself and with them a greater opportunity for relationship with others.

Real love is something beyond all this. The real love that moves you to give your life, that refocuses your life, that tells you that you are in error, that confronts you with the fact that your life has been misspent and you are trying to take it in a direction that is not its true direction, this is love...

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