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Life through a game

Outer master creates rules and regulations, like a game board, and tells all the pieces in the game how to play so that the game works according to the rule maker.

What is needed is someone who can tell everyone how the game is to be played as a whole and can know for each individual, how playing it will serve them as individuals, entice them to play because there are benefits to the individual to do so, and keep that promise so that the game will continue to be played in accordance to the rules set forth by the outer master.

What happens when we choose not to play the game anymore?

What happens when we see that the game isn’t played fairly or that what the rules were that were promised, are not really being upheld by all? What happens when we see that we never actually wanted to play the game but somehow we ended up doing it anyway?

What happens when we see that the outer master doesn’t actually hold the authority that it thinks it does and it is the same one that created the game that we no longer want to play?

Does this outline sound familiar?

What then of the Inner Master?

This inner master is what guides you through the game. It knows all of the rules including the shortcuts and also knows all the right travel companions, right things to say, right way to go, right sequence of order of operations, right tools to get and use at the right time and the right way to go to be able to win the game. It opens doors, creates opportunities …if we only: trust, have faith, patience, tolerance, openness, loyalty, etc.

Both the inner and the outer are within the One of the Whole of the All. Which has more authority?

When you see the intimacy with the Inner, the one who is with you in every moment, since birth, who watches what you eat, what you think, knows your heart better than even you, sees your unique footprint and ways you have struggled yet holds your hand, it’s a simple choice who to listen to. This inner anchors you in your being without the pull to lose yourself in the form identity of the doer of the outer world or form.

The impartial outer will pull you into conformity with the masses like a cog in a machine. It aligns form and structure within its nature to follow the laws of nature. The outer master is the projection of the inner laws made manifest (as form) and both masters must follow their nature because they both are following the same truth as One law.

Although the experience as the person playing the game will be distinct. The inner will warm you with the light of its spontaneous knowing and the outer inform you through the impersonal "way it is".

Doing and Being become One.

The outer is doing what has been set in motion and is always becoming, the inner is being and surrendering to what it always was and is. Both are necessary to know oneself whole.

When the outer and the inner become one, the game is complete; You have prevailed.

What is the prize? Self-Realization. You know who "you" are and always were.

Playing the game was the only way to get to that self realization.

Listening to your inner master was the only guide you had that cared for the All of you intimately while you identified as a human playing this game.

You had to be fully in and identified as human to get fully out and see you are much more than that.

You saw you were the piece on the board completely into your character, the one lovingly guiding the piece and the one witnessing the whole game as an arising within the One; the

whole the three, as One.

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