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Letting the Dead Bury the Dead

Letting the dead bury the dead. Follow Life.

We are life, made whole, and always whole.

The fragments of mental identification given to us by family, cult-ure and our own self denial perpetuate the generations of inheritance we have been given.

Cleverly disguised as help, we perpetuate the fragmentation by not looking at the source of our own pain and suffering.

Ignorance of our true nature.

Yet to know true from false, one must see through the illusions one has believed as true, as false.

This requires true discernment and attention to what is behind what is seen as a form, and the "who" and/or "what" which/that can know what is knowable.

A continual purification of what is limited and conditional love into what is not.

Consider that this mental health split is so covert and in the very fabric of our perception, that we believe it is us.

And we have billions of people and generations of inherited beliefs that would confirm its existence as self yet it is not self.

Just as a bread crumb comes from a whole loaf, thus carries the properties of the whole loaf, it is still a bread crumb, not a loaf.

In this same we seem to consider ourselves a loaf but don't actually believe it, perpetuating the idea of a loaf but living as a bread crumb thinking it's a loaf, projecting an image of a loaf, but is completely disconnected from the reality of what it is. A loaf.

Shame, guilt perpetuating the "not enough" to be what it is, a loaf, doomed to feel like a breadcrumb, puffing itself up to be a loaf and yet it is. How ironic.

This hidden force, this parasite, has no creative life of its own and manipulates its host to stay alive, feeding from its exploitation of guilt and shame.

As we bury the pain created by shaming and guilt, believing the separation that others believe, we become indoctrinated with a false belief system that would perpetuate itself and protect its own death by convincing you that you are what you aren't.

Befriending you just enough that you don't see that one minute you think your a loaf, another you are a crumb.

How can you sustain both? Crazy making at its finest, yet so normalized that the crazy would think you crazy to see and point it out. Why?

Maybe because without guilt and shame, which fuel the parasitic feeding, and our sense of separate self and death, we would have vital life force to see and starve that which would take and exploit us and others.

We would see that this parasite exists everywhere almost like a program of destruction using our un/subconscious against us creating a form of Stockholm Syndrome inside of us that we don't even see happening because one minute you are friends, the next enemies with yourself.

The past without reconciliation is a burden on the psyche.

It becomes like a hidden virus in the computer, corrupting the normal operating system, yet it's in the code itself so you'd need to be really trained to discern normal from not. Whole versus separated.

The value of exhuming your past, what you've inherited in your ancestry, family that you've pushed away has great value for your wholeness.

Not only do you regain yourself, feeling how wholly you feel loved, but there is no longer any "in" for the parasite to tempt you into self-betrayal.

You desire the kingdom of God. Of Self. Of Life Everlasting.

And you get that shame and guilt are portals for entry and you love yourself there. In every shame, in every guilt and you keep meeting and communing in self until there is only Self.

There was only ever Self. It's okay to let go of the illusion and the deep self denial that surrounds us.

We need no longer sacrifice ourselves to the false. Let the dead bury the dead.

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