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Learning by Example

How can we be with people who don’t know how to be with themselves?

This is a common conundrum of society that derives a lot of personal suffering.

This dance of the inner and outer. The parenting of the adult and child. The polarizing of the masculine and feminine. The unfolding of the mystery becoming self-evident. The death and life dance.

All of this teaches us how to be with ourselves and by proxy, with others.

For when we don’t know nor try to pretend we should, life becomes available to teach and we, the student.

We can hold what is present well or not well. Either will teach.

What it teaches often results in peeling back the layers of self-identification. Who am I?

Then the question becomes more of a living embodiment of expression as the answer itself.

We become that which the other cannot find themselves, in their presence. The antidote.

Not because we are doing anything but because we are not doing anything. We are allowing our own being to be with the other in whatever is arising within their universe as we directly experience it in our own.

Yet because we have already become the intimate dance of these frequencies within, we see and know no evil. We are the sacred space for which all other can be seen, known and experienced within themselves.

And they too, by example, learn how to be with themselves.

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