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Innocent Wisdom Embodied

When you doubt, you cut yourself off from full engagement and facilities of real discernment.

It's not until we trust ourselves and the universe within us to know what is in our best interest, that we move beyond judgement.

Living in a state of fear, closed off to what can hurt us, based on past experiences that have not been fully reconciled disconnects us from the whole of us that knows the all of us best.

Without wholeness in our decisions, we make judgment calls from accumulated partial past experiences that seem to confirm our reality as a need to protect ourselves (from our lack (of seeing whole)).

We best notice this when our body reacts to something, closes off, says no. This is a good moment to investigate where within, fear is hiding.

In wholeness, we know peace. When we aren't in peace, the sensorial contrast can be used to investigate what part of us desires to be loved into our whole.

This deepens our trust and intimacy. And restores our perceptual innocence when we could curiously show up to the world and it's goodness, like a child.

From this blend of innocence and wisdom we can hold onto the goodness of the intention of each person to demonstrate from their essence. And we are open to playing in the qualities of their Wholeness as we remain in ours.

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