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Inner Kingdom

What deep archetypal history repeats within the inner kingdom?

A wound most have seemed to experience and have believed: separation from love, from source, from God, from The One.

Imagine that the original sin was not the eating of the fruit, for in trust and innocence, why would we doubt any beloved?

But the original sin was when man blamed woman (who was created from himself, his rib) for what he himself chose to do, eat the apple. Thus casting his own self out of his own inner kingdom of heaven, thus separating himself into an other.

Separation from Self.

Now the fall of consciousness. Man into earth, from heaven. One now two.

He blamed her (himself) for his actions that he chose to do and did not own them.

Who is responsible for restoring the kingdom?

Who can unite the illusion of separation?

The hero's journey into the underworld and back.

The prodigal son returns.

When two become one…I AM

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