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Immunity in the Dark

You could never betray me more than I have betrayed myself

You could never neglect me more than I have neglected myself

You could never lie to me more than I have lied to myself

You could never abandon me more than I have abandoned myself

You could never shame me more than I have shamed myself

You could never guilt me more than I have guilted myself

You could never hurt me more than I have hurt myself

You could never manipulate me more than I have manipulated myself

You could never accuse me more than I have accused myself

You could never control me more than I have controlled myself

You could never hate me more than I have hated myself

You could never judge me more than I have judged myself

You could never condemn me more than I have condemned myself

I have walked through the valley of the shadow of death and I no longer fear evil for I have faced myself.

There is no power you have in your shadow that I have not already experienced as myself.

Without light, there is no immunity.

Imagine taking on the sins of the world?

Imagine what that would require of us that our body, mind, and spirit are capable enough to be in such a world of opposition, conflict, war, separation, and still Be in love?

Would that depth of Purity come from the denial of the dark, and thus perpetuate separateness? And is that what love is?

Or would that require the necessity and the capacity to walk through the valley of the shadow death? Is that valley of the shadow of death a landscape we are asked to walk as the hero’s journey home back into unity?

Could this valley be a symbolic representation of the subconscious and the mysterious unknown where we bury everything dirty, unworthy, and unholy of ourselves, enduring suffering because we don’t have access to that realm until we bring the light of our consciousness to it?

What if the landscape of how we often see hell appearing to us, flames, bodies in horrific agony, separated and seemingly never-ending are actually the absolute depth of all of our fragmented feelings, cut off from the whole of our being of unity? Could that not feel like how we might imagine hell to be?

What from this place of separation, does wholeness look like?

What if the paradox is that to be pure we must have access to all that was judged as dirty and restored to innocence? What if it’s the actual process of soul retrieving all of our condemnation and the pieces cast into the valley require the hero to walk and regain the kingdom of shadow for the Glory of God? And who else could do that but the savior?

At the end of the journey, and to hold all fragments as one being and restore the kingdom into wholiness, do we still carry the belief of fragments? Or is it now Whole?

Which is it?

Now we are in Absolution. Innocence restored and the kingdom of heaven regained.

It was always there.

The hero had to walk the valley to defeat death and take on all the sins (alchemize and integrate as Self) which gave immunity to death to become the savior (bringing unconscious into conscious union…no separation and unconditional in its knowing) restoring innocence to the world, and regaining the kingdom of God.

What does this mean?

Be your own hero. Walk your valley. Integrate your shadows. Love yourself as your father loves you. And find everlasting peace in the knowing that there is nothing the world can offer you that you don’t already have. Heaven in your earth. The embodiment of truth. The word made manifest. And immunity to what the world would say of you that they themselves have not walked for themselves to know. And humility to know that each person must walk their own path home so you cannot save them, you cannot will them any “better”, nor know how much longer they have to walk, or consider yourself to be anything other than a brother/sister on the same path.

Your power is absolute because you KNOW it and the Source. You see it in everyone and you know it as the same power that walked with you in the valley of the shadow of death, and now as your-Self you see it as the same power walking every other person home.

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