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I'm responsible.

One of the subtle lies we can be manipulated into believing is that we are responsible for the world.

This also tries to get our mind to control the freedom of others that they must be forced to "care" in our world that demands them to be something to be worth love.

It's not their world. It's still ours. We ourselves generate the world we see.

Many spiritual text points back to ourselves as an emanation of Source. In an image of, yet not the Source.

We cannot generate a world outside of our own.

We are absolutely free to create in our own world.

And that's right, we all impact each other.

How do we respond to the world we are in?

How do we sit uncomfortably with the tension of projected and displaced accountability, needing others to show up in a way they don't see or choose for themselves?

Is this the freedom we desire others to do unto us?

Demand ourselves into submission by manipulating us into it by devaluing our free will because we don't align with another in their world of their own creation with their own free will?

If we cannot align in the Kingdom of God together, we are stuck generating and perpetuating all sorts of fragments, calling them whole.

In fragmented thinking, considering one side, one part and not the other with the same care, is to perpetuate separation.

Those who do see this also are forced to go deeper within the pain of separation to understand the "opposite" of those who choose not to see.

We actually can hold both sides, all sides, in union and still discern.

There are only lovers here who desire to be with the possibility of all the fractals being as they are; which fractal gets the job? Who decides "best"? What is "best"?

We don't know. But coming together and holding it all together, IT will know, just like IT knows coming together is natural.

If I am just responsible for myself and I know my actions contribute to the whole world and that I also am the world, why would I hold you accountable?

I don't. I'm responsible. And thank you for going deeper into the pain of your separation when you see I am not.

Bless us.

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