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I Exist

In this short recount of an experience I had already many years ago, today I was reminded through speaking with a friend, of this experience and through it, the deep realization of the need we have for each other.

This need does not come from lack or the mind, but an existential need to be known, seen and experienced.

"I exist."

And in this fullness of allowing one to be known, a subtle dance forms.

The need to be in service is as simple as seeing the other as in service to love, and the love that we both are and are held within.

Essence meets essence. Life meets Life and we are known as the same.

Yet the magic of "separateness" still remains as the house of consciousness known as the body, has a different outer form.

Seeing the value of this communion gives meaning to life and opportunity to experience one's self everywhere one goes.

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