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You are not hungry for something. You are hungry for yourself.

You are ravenous like a wild pack of dogs, gnawing and thrashing. You seek to take from others to feed yourself. You consume what would ultimately consume you.

Deepen in that which would give to you, all of yourself. Give your heart not to another but to God who would give you all of yourself as a gift back to the world. The hunger for the limitless within the limited is like this wild pack of dogs.

What you already are, cannot be taken. Nor can it be given by another.

Satiating the wild cannot be done as the tamer of the wild but the one who has allowed the untamable to exist while holding it all within it’s insatiability and turning towards that which would see the suffering and hold instead, understanding, peace.

To know this wild pack of full starvation, is to know your suffering for that which is yet isn’t and must be.

Turning inward to sit with the suffering is to feed the poor. And to see that poor as a condition of the mind, is to liberate yourself from the cycle of slavery to consumerism.

You have yourself. You always have. No one can have you. You are not a possession to own.

Stop looking for other’s energies, consuming them as a hungry ghost. Turn into your own starvation and feed yourself with the fullness of your own resources. Self-regeneration. See that you are the light within your own darkness, that both co-exist within the light of awareness as consciousness itself.

The light that YOU are, cannot be exhausted or extinguished for it is the light of awareness itself that is always present, whether you are, or not.

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