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Holding onto the past holds everyone else in the past with you

What does being right serve? Who does being right serve?

Can we feel into a bigger field of understanding that includes both of us as innocent?

What does holding onto the tension serve? Who does the tension serve? Is it possible to just let the thoughts that are creating the tension go? What does having it and holding on to it serve?

Do you feel the war going on in those thoughts of right and wrong? What if both sides just dropped their arms, what would that surrender mean to you?

If you drop the arms, what's there behind it? Can you be with that vulnerably?

Our capacity to let go, make no logical sense out of something, have faith that something greater than ourselves is holding the bigger picture in fairness so that we don't have to and simply love what arises in us is supreme.

We can choose our adventure.

When we see the cost to us through holding on to what was or happened, it becomes easier to choose to surrender and forgive both sides.

Then the journey becomes one of surrender, knowing that no one really knows what they are doing, they are only choosing what occurs to be right at that moment. We see that their right doesn't make wrong or our right, them.

We feel the softness of life that it doesn't need to be a certain way nor do we need to know with certainty exactly how it will be. We choose to just show up in our current framework of understanding, choose, allow life to unfold, learn, reorient our framework, chose again, etc.

Holding onto the past holds everyone else in

the past with you.

You are here, now.

What is your new version of yourself choosing to align with now?

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