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Hello Abandonment

Hello Abandonment:

Here is what I want you to remember today.

I love you. And you aren't alone. I am here.

Please try to remember:

There is no relationship with you when another doesn’t want to come towards you. And I know that hurts because you want the connection.

Two people must choose to first show up for themselves and then simultaneously choose to come together and share in that connection with themselves within the relationship.

But if they need to leave for their own connection with themselves first, remember that you love being in connection.

So let them go so they can have that connection with themselves. They know how to love themselves the best anyway.

And if they don't, it's good that they learn how to, don't you think?

I know that deep down, you don’t want them to feel abandoned either, and you want to chase after them so that you can feel connected.

But they need themselves. And they need to learn how to hold themselves in whatever they are going through.

They are learning how to connect with themselves better. And I know that they are not letting you into their world and that feels really painful.

I know.

But if you can hold yourself while you are hurting too, you are learning the same thing together, but separately.

When you come back together, the connection may be even stronger.

Imagine that both of you have loved yourselves so much more than before so the potential love available between you is so much stronger.

And if that need to separate for self-care happens again, you know that you can be with yourself so well that you don’t need them to come back.

You might even encourage them to continue loving themselves while you continue loving yourself in other relationships who want to come towards you too.

Look at how loved you are and how much love you can give yourself.

And if you cannot, I am here and I love you. Remember that always.

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