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Have you said YES to your own life?

Have you said yes to the inheritance that you have been given, also to the trials and tribulations upon your life, and the unknown future that is yet to be known to you? Have you said YES to YOUR life?

I get how silly that might sound.

This initiation into birth, on earth, in a body, is an important conscious power to stand in what is present and an initiation that often is not fully valued.

Especially when trauma would force a distortion of thoughts and society would perpetuate it in your field, letting you confuse truth from a lie because it believes the confusion too. Imagine that without fully receiving yourself, here, into this world, as the adult to the child who is born, you remain in part, ignorantly disempowered to your fullness as the child of God.

We have been given a gift. Your life. Have YOU, not someone else, fully received the value of you having a life on this earth in your body? If you don’t value your life, can you see how the wound of worthiness will follow you until you do value your Self?

To give something, we must first HAVE some-thing to give. To give a gift, one must first fully receive that gift, “possess” as to know it, and know its value (not just know “of” its value). The embodiment of the gift must first be fully received.

Being in the body, desiring to be fully present to ALL THAT IS is only available to those who say yes to being fully here NOW. This includes your body.

This is why your conscious birth is important, so that this little one may receive so then, may fully give itself again, now in conscious service, not as a doctrine or ideology but as the living way, present to it's continual yes to show up and be present for what life is offering.

To gift, one must first have. Then one can choose. It is this choice that is important. Because without having, you would not know the value of the gift. And when you give it away, you know the source of that abundance and value of that divine fountain.

Heavenly riches are yours, now.

Without first fully receiving the gift of life offered, you would not know your full value and worth.

And what gift is truly given if we haven't fully received the full value first?

Would we not be full, perpetuating seeking and not finding. Or seeking until we find but never finally resting.

And thus fully giving from the overflowing cup we have been so generously gifted, to another, would be first from the generosity that we ourselves have allowed ourselves to receive first.

And presence, heaven, could not be made manifest on earth as it is in heaven. We are made of earth, and we come from heaven. Without the conscious choice of initiation here on earth as life, heaven through you, cannot be made present.

And that is the greatest value you could gift for Being in Presence, is truly giving All.

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