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Guilt and Shame. Fundamental exploration of the false.

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

This is a big topic and has been on my heart for over a week. I have felt so inspired, waking up in the middle of the night as it is purifying through me, words, vibrations, emotions and finding form for expression. This video is just a glimpse.

The Stone you cast is the shadow of guilt you carry. For anyone who knows themselves as that stone, and the lie they believed to pick it up and cast it, would see innocence, and drop it.

The guilt of separation and thus the seductive lie of other, is the tomb we carry.

We are that stone, yet we are far greater than that stone also. We are vaster and big enough to hold it all, and more.

Death, this tomb of self created identity, will take us to the grave indeed. For we are created in an eternal life that animates the image for without life is indeed death.

Honesty is needed to look at the lie, to feel the guilt and stop running from the images we have tried to animate from a limited source of self created creation calling ourselves creators without being responsible to own our creation and for many, its distortion and destruction.

How can we hold truth and untruth and it not destroy? This is the foundation for correction.

Guilt is unnatural in that it is an alarm system. It is self serving. And it’s a clear vibration that one has left the whole of life for a separate life as “an other”, creating a false identity and a protector to keep the separation alive as true.

Imagine you decide to separate from the whole of yourself as and in God. You think. You and God are now two. You now have your thought separate from God as an individual with their own free will to think apart from God. You feel exposed because you are unprotected from safety of the whole of yourself. You have gone out on your own and think that you are apart from the whole of yourself.

This separation is not true. You cannot hide from yourself in wholeness. The thought separates what is true and what is false.

And the identity is the one that decides its allegiance. In wholeness or in separation. Thoughts are encoded with this fundamental choice of unity or separation in the same way that mind and heart are encoded.

Heart is discerning truth from fiction. Leaving thought, leaves the coding of separate will and the idea that we are somehow separate from ourselves, the inside, the outside and the all of life.

It is an act of the individual that must redeem the individual from its choice to act individually at the cost of the whole of itself. True acts of will.

To stay dishonest about the lie, to tell more lies to keep the original lie you told from being found out and to pretend that those who operate from wholeness wouldn’t feel you lying.

Guilt was the first vibration that demonstrated misalignment with truth. It was also your savior of you allowed correction to happen.

Shame became you when you believed your lies that you are separate, any part of you, and that there is an-other you to protect from yourself.

You became less when you believed less.

Only God is real, all else is an image perpetuated in part.

If we focus on the death without seeing the whole of the victory over it, we have picked up another stone.

The lie that we have been fed is that we are separate. Correction is love and yet we fear it. To be corrected in truth is aligning for what is real cannot be destroyed and what is not can be taken from you.

Wouldn’t all of those false identities be a blessing to lose to know the kingdom of God within you and all around you?

A life of suffering the stones we carry and cast or to see the lie we have been taught to perpetuate that would make enemies of friends and neighbors and hate of the self because it cannot be itself in the kingdom.

Wholeness is inclusive of the All, inner and outer. No hiding is actually possible since we are everywhere we go.

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